Product Showcase: Bellflower Stamp Set

Flower themed stamps are everywhere in the market. They're beautiful, colorful, and often provide the perfect canvas for techniques. One of our very first stamps was the lesser known bellflower. It is delicate, uniquely shaped and not an overdone image that every stamper is a little sick of seeing.

The Making of the Bellflower Stamp Set

This stamp set was first sketched on paper by the artist with attention to detail and keeping many lines for shadow and texture. Then the drawings were taken and hand drawn again digitally with a stylus on a digital canvas. 

The line thickness and art style lended itself perfectly to a thin, cursive hand lettering with words that complimented the images and supported the symbolism behind bellflowers. We know many crafters like to know the meaning behind the flowers and plants that they stamp and pair the appropriate words with the meaning. You can find the meaning and native colors along with the symbolism of giving bellflowers on our Bellflower product page.

Uses of the Bellflower Stamp Set

Backgrounds. The shape and line style of the bellflowers make them great as a focal point and a background. Notice how the larger flower can mimic flourishes where you almost forget they're flowers.  

Stamped background pattern with Bellflower stamp set | Stamp Chimp

Tags. With flowers in different sizes, this stamp set can make small, medium and large tags. The sentiments pair well for tags for gifts for weddings, thank you gifts and more.

Easy stamped tags with Bellflower stamp set | Stamp Chimp

Scrapbooks. The two largest flowers were sized for use in scrapbooking as well as cardmaking. Stamp and color the image directly on a page or do it on a separate piece and cut it out or trim and mount it. The flowers have a vintage feel to them that would look great in a heritage album, wedding, or mother's day mini album.

Spotlighting. Just because you choose a larger, detailed line art image, doesn't mean you have to color the whole thing. The spotlighting technique gives a pop of color and focal point without the time of coloring the whole thing. 

Name Tents. I love to use stamp images on name tents for gatherings. Whether it is something formal like Thanksgiving, Christmas or a wedding, or even when having guests over. And they're so easy too. You can stamp directly on the tent or pull out the scissors or hobby blade and create some 'pop outs' of an image.

Stamped name tent for table place setting | Stamp Chimp

As you can see, there's no lack of ways you can use this versatile stamp set. Getting your hands on your own is just clicks away too. Get your Bellflower here

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