Product Showcase: Flourish Thank You Stamp

Standing out from the crowd and showing your appreciation just got easier. Through the years, the thank you note remains that extra touch and expression of gratitude. 

What's Great about the Elegant Thank You Stamp

  • Got 10 seconds? You're done. The Flourish Thank You stamp from Stamp Chimp takes less than 10 seconds to ink and stamp for a completed card your grandma would be thrilled to receive. 

  • Hand lettered. Hand stamped. No manufactured, computer generated font here. This word stamp is 100% human-made and beautifully written. This stamp was designed by a skilled calligrapher who took care to style the words in a way that were artistic and still legible.

  • Great for beginning stampers and crafters. Most hobbies require a lot of supplies and tools to get started. You can literally get started for under $10 with the purchase of the Flourish Thank You stamp ($9.95) and a household marker! Much like any hobby, there are tools that make it easier and efficient, and those things can be accumulated as you go along. If you're just getting started and want to start this hobby on a budget, check out these simple steps. 

  • Full coverage. The standard greeting card is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and this stamp fills that space so nothing else is necessary. This stamp also looks great on smaller note card sized cards and even 3" x 3" cards. How is that possible? Simple answer--it's magic. 

  • There's more where that came from. The concept of using one stamp and one ink to stamp a card is one you'll see more from us. Our One & Done™ series will give you a whole library of single stamps you can use to make the kind of cards you need most. Check out our One & Done stamps

  • Everyone appreciates a thank you. I grew up in a home where it was expected that any gift from a grandparent or loved one warranted a phone call or thank you letter/card. I have tried to instill that in my own children as well. Nothing should be taken for granted and expressions of thanks and gratitude should flow freely from our lips.        


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