Product Showcase: Script Happy Birthday Stamp

"Opinions are like birthdays. Everyone has one and I only know yours because of Facebook."

Don't let this be you! Instead, remember someone's birthday and make their day.

Handmade Birthday Cards with Happy Birthday stamp

Our Script Happy Birthday Stamp makes doing so 'easy peasy, lemon squeezy'. This One & Done stamp set is the second in our series and features the hand lettering of Christie Daugherty with Create with Christie. Learn more about her in a second...

What's Great about the Script Happy Birthday Stamp

  • No card and the party's in 5 minutes? Plenty of time! The Script Happy Birthday Stamp from Stamp Chimp takes less time than driving to the store to buy an overpriced card. 

  • Support Hand lettered, hand stamped. No manufactured, computer generated font here. This word stamp is 100% human-made and hand lettered digitally right on an iPad.
    Christie Daugherty-Hand Lettering Expert
    Meet the Illustrator: This stamp was designed by Christie Daugherty from @createwithchristie on Instagram. She brings over 15 years of industry experience and now shares her creativity and faith through online hand lettering courses and her membership groups. She also offers eBooks, worksheets and much more. Check out her Etsy shop

    Create with Christie Workbook
  • Easy enough for beginners. The biggest reason non-crafters continue to buy their cards instead of make them is the perception that it will end up costing them more than $100 for the materials to make a card. Not so with our One & Done stamps. You can literally get started for under $15 with the purchase of the Script Happy Birthday stamp ($9.95) and a household marker! Take that, Hallmark®--and best of all, once you own the stamp and your choice of ink, you've turned your purchase into a home birthday card factory factory!  
    Happy Birthday Stamp for Easy Cardmaking
  • Full-sized stamp for full coverage. The standard greeting card is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and this stamp covers that space beautifully. This stamp also looks great on smaller note card sized cards and even 3" x 3" cards. 

  • Ongoing series. The concept of using one stamp and one ink to stamp a card isn't a flash in the pan for us. We're creating a whole series of One & Done™ stamps you can use for all sorts of occasions. Check out our One & Done stamps

  • Words AND birthday imagery. There's something about the words, "happy birthday" that make you want to party. This script-focused word stamp still gets to party with several hand drawn balloons and banner that can be colored together or separately from the words. 

    Get your own Script Happy Birthday stamp and start making your own colorful cards for the birthday boys and girls in your life!

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