Thank You Note Etiquette: The Why's and the How-to's

According to recent research, 75 percent of Americans say thank you notes are antiquated and obsolete. Could the long this long standing social etiquette be destined for the dustbin of history?

Here at Stamp Chimp along with hundreds of other crafting companies across the US are pro-thank you note and will continue to promote the benefits of the practice of sending thank you notes.

Although 75 percent of respondents feel they are obsolete, that leaves 25 percent or 82 million of us who still believe in its importance. 

My grandmother was an avid sender and recipient of thank you notes. Her life was service centered and helping others and there were many who appreciated her Christlike deeds. When she passed away a few years ago I was surprised to see how many of my thank you notes to her that she had kept all of these years. The simple act of expressing gratitude really does have far reaching effects.

Although most Americans may not think they are necessary, they certainly are polite and are a simple and easy way to show kindness, express appreciation and gratitude to those around us. 

Be one of the 82 million who keep this important practice alive and brighten the lives of others with these simple tips and how-to's:

Thank You Note Tips: 

  • Begin your note with a greeting or salutation for who you're thanking. "Dearest grandmother" or "Dave" is sufficient. 

  • Start your note with “thank you for,” and be specific about what you're expressing your thanks or appreciation for. "Thanks for the beautiful flowers on administrative assistant day. They really brightened my desk and my day." 

  • Whenever possible, make your thank you note handwritten. It doesn't matter if your cursive wouldn't be up to your 3rd grade teacher's standard, what matters to the recipient is knowing the note has that human touch and is coming from you. 

  • Go classier than a Post It Note.
    Thank you note etiquette do's and don'ts
    I use my share of sticky notes to put on kids' lunches or on my wife's laptop to leave a mushy message, so don't stop with those impromptu notes either. But thanking a neighbor for watching your kids overnight needs more than a sticky note. You can find pre-printed thank you notes at hobby stores, online and even in some department stores like Target or Walmart. Another economical option (and an impressive option at that) is a simple handmade thank you card. For less than $12 USD you can buy your own "thank you" rubber stamp from Stamp Chimp.

  • Be timely in your thank you. It is general practice to mail your thank you note within a week of receiving a gift. The exception of course is when you receive a lot of gifts from a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower where more time is permitted. In these cases, no later than a month is acceptable. The last think you want is for the recipient to think, "now what is she thanking me for? When did I give her a new blender?"     
  • Accompany your note with a little "somethin' somethin". Depending on the circumstance and what you're thanking for, many people will give the recipient something tangible in addition to a note to express their thanks. Examples include a realtor thanking someone for a referral, a gift card to thank a friend for bringing a meal to them when they were sick, etc. The intent is never to 'one up' the person who you're thanking, nor to get into a, "now I need to send you a thank you for your thank you" spree, but you get the point.

  • End with your thanks again and sign your name. You can close your note with one of the following:
    • Best
    • Best regards
    • Gratefully
    • Gratefully yours
    • Kind thanks
    • Many thanks
    • Sincerely
    • Sincerely yours

Quick hand written thank you notes | Stamp Chimp

To add to a phrase by H. Swanepoel, "Kindness is love [and appreciation] made visible." A thank you note is a simple but impactful way of making that appreciation visible. So take a minute and think of someone who has done something for you recently and send them a quick, handwritten note. You'll be glad you did!


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